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We are Workspace Geek, and we're glad you found us. Powered by MorningStar Software -- a player in the shared workspace and coworking management software industry for three decades -- Workspace Geek exists to make your centers operate more smoothly, more streamlined and more profitably. Workspace Geek is the industry's most most reliable and intuitive management software. We are passionate about providing thoughtful and easy-to-use workspace management solutions for coworking centers and shared workspaces. Supported by exceptional customer service, Workspace Geek simplifies the day-to-day processes of centers so operators like you can focus on what really matters: your clients. We are a talented, tight-knit team that's nimble, creative, and ready to help you.

  • Tom Hurt

    Tom Hurt

    Founder & CEO

  • Eric Hurt

    Eric Hurt

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Carlos Lozano

    Carlos Lozano

    Senior Infrastructure Engineer

  • Becky Stokes

    Becky Stokes

    Director of Client Relations

  • Kim Grooms

    Kim Grooms

    Client Relations Expert

  • Nathan Kirsten

    Nathan Kirsten

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Caleb Perkins

    Caleb Perkins

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Emily O'Dea

    Emily O'Dea

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Elizabeth Hurt

    Elizabeth Hurt

    Marketing Manager